UNICEF - Children Uprooted

Commercial Work

Client: UNICEF

Creative Director: Becky McOwen-Banks

Associate Creative Directors: Dan Fryer & Gate Lambert

Senior Art Director: Lianne Rivett

Producer: Andrea Ogunbadejo

Editor: Paul Chamberlain

GFX: Alex Serrano

Agency: VaynerMedia London / Stink Films

​The Children Uprooted campaign was a co-production between VaynerMedia and Stink Films. It is the beautiful story of Aboud Kaplo, who as a child escaped the civil war in Syria, and learnt to play the violin thanks to some YouTube tutorials. He now plays with the Sydney Youth Orchestra. My part in this production was to create social edits of the advert, in order to push people through to the main fundraising site.

​Here are some articles about the campaign:

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