Tigerman (2020)

Film Work

Director: James Campbell

Assistant Director: Alexander Challies

Producer: James Campbell & Jacob Anderton

Associate Producer: Christoper Evans

Director of Photography: David J. Ellison

Editor: Paul Chamberlain

GFX: Paul Chamberlain

Sound: Ryan McMurray

Production Company: Eighties Doubt Productions and Couch Potato Films

​Working alongside James Campbell on another film, this time on a film about the King of Rock 'n' Roll, who will take it about himself to avenge the death of Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee. Starring Paul London and Jacob Anderton, it was fantastic to work on such an action-packed short film.

An Eighties Doubt Production - facebook.com/eightiesdoub...
Written and Directed by James Campbell
Produced by James Campbell and Jacob Anderton 
Starring Jacob Anderton and Paul London