Shell UK - Will Gains designing a full EV station TVC

Commercial Work

Client: Shell

Creative Directors: Becky McOwen-Banks

Director: Jessie Ayles

Associate Creative Directors: Dan Fryer & Gate Lambert

Creatives: Judith Gruntjes & Becky Cartey

Producer: Andrea Ogunbadejo

Post-Producer: John Rogers

Editor: Paul Chamberlain

GFX: Carlos Roncoletta

Agency: VaynerMedia London

‚ÄčAs Shell moves towards a greener future in energy, they decided to, for the first time in many years, have a TV campaign to show the changes they were making. Working alongside Jessie Ayles, I created an edit which shows the personal story of Will Gains, an architectural designer who is helping to build Shell's first full EV station. Crafting the story about Will, his influences and his own thoughts on cleaner energy was a fantastic experience and very rewarding. With a fantastic set of rushes, we were able to make a really true and personal journey about this key milestone in Shell's contribution to the energy transition.