Ripper (2016)

Film Work

Director: James Campbell

Producer: Adam Bouabda

Director of Photography: Mike Staniforth

Editor: Paul Chamberlain

VFX: Paul Chamberlain

Production Company: Eighties Doubt Productions and Couch Potato Films

​Ripper is a short film made by James Campbell. It is a fan-fiction story which takes inspiration from the graphical novel "Gotham by Gaslight". I was recommended to work on this film by Mike Staniforth who was working on the film as Director of Photography. This is the first short film I have worked on and it was such a great experience. James and I had to overcome the challenge of working at a distance. But we managed it and formed a great team, which was able to create a fantastic film. I also created all the graphics in the film.

An Eighties Doubt Production -
A Batman fan fiction short film shot in the style of an Italian Giallo.
Written and Directed by James Campbell
Produced by Adam Bouabda
Starring Bill Fellows, Donald Standen, Jacob Anderton, Sally Collett, Kris Saddler and Bruce Payne.