Please Don't Die (2018)

Film Work

Director: James Campbell

Producer: Adam Bouabda

Director of Photography: Mike Staniforth

Editor: Paul Chamberlain

VFX: Paul Chamberlain

Production Company: Eighties Doubt Productions and Couch Potato Films

​Working with the same director from Ripper, I was taken on to cut the proof concept film called "Please Don't Die". A tale of four friends that love wrestling. This is the trailer for the film and the full proof of concept can be seen here. It was fun to put the concept together for James to go and get more funding to make the feature version, as well as getting to work with Mike Staniforth (the DoP) again.

An Eighties Doubt Production -
Written and Directed by James Campbell
Produced by Adam Bouabda
Starring Jacob Anderton, Kris Saddler and Paul London