7up - Clearly

Commercial Work

Client: 7up

Executive Creative Director: Becky McOwen-Banks

Creative Directors: Chris Rush

Creatives: Jo Arteaga & Mike Gethin

Post-Producer: Hannah Colling

Editor: Paul Chamberlain

GFX: Carlos Roncoletta

Agency: VaynerMedia London

‚ÄčDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, 7up wanted to change how the brand is viewed as a refreshment. Being part of an international campaign, VaynerMedia London created the social assets for markets across the globe. It was exciting to be part of this production as the footage was really different. The concept called for all the parts of the drink to be individually highlighted, like Lemon&Lime, Bubbles and Ice, hence why the three theme throughout the edits.

This was made whilst in my role as Senior Editor at VaynerMedia London.